Our Videos

Here is a selection of videos for you to watch:

Europe's citizens for Scotland, Indy and First Minister in Parliament Square

Better catch up with the people - your voters - if you want to get re-elected, EU leaders! They're solidly behind Scotland gaining its independence - in solidarity, in every European language - a great, big YES!

Solidarity with Scotland met the FM Alex Salmond

We presented oor Solidarity with Scotland map that Paul Kavanagh made with some of the photos!

Solidarity with Scotland in Pontevedra

Solidarity with Scotland International Campaign on the 22nd of August 2014.

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott says Scrap Trident - Yes to an Independent Scotland

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, an Arabunna elder from Lake Eyre in South Australia sends a message to support an independent, nuclear free Scotland.

Galician National Day celebrations, 25th July 2014

Galicians show their support for Scottish independence on their national day.

Galician National Day - Scotland the Brave

And here is a gaiteiro, a Galician bagpiper, playing Scotland the Brave on the Galician gaitas.

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